Interview With ‘Why Hello Beauty’

by / Saturday, 12 November 2016 / Published in Interviews, Uncategorized

Maria Kara recently spoke with Why Hello Beauty, talking about how the Essential Seven was born.

Hi Maria, congrats on the release of the ‘Essential Seven’! I’d love to know your history, and where you found your inspiration to create the ‘Essential Seven’? 

“While working as a makeup artist, customers would love the look and often wanted to know how they could do it themselves. I would explain step by step, but found that everyone had lots of makeup and few had the right tools to get the look they wanted. When I explained which makeup brushes to use – which could be as many as fourteen or fifteen brushes, sometimes more – customers felt overwhelmed and didn’t think they had the skill to get the look on their own. Knowing that I had already culled my personal makeup set to a select few pieces and wanted to do the same with my makeup brushes. I began to look at creating the perfect set of makeup brushes, everything a girl (or guy) needed to get any makeup look, and versatile so they could be simple enough for anyone with any skill level, to use, which became the Essential Seven. See full article here.